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Andrew “Anthony” Maney was enslaved by Dr. James Maney. It is uncertain when Dr. Maney acquired Andrew or how long he lived on the Maney plantation. According to the 1860 slave schedule, Andrew was enslaved by Dr. Maney alongside seven other African Americans.[i] Andrew’s son, John Wesley Maney, recounted that Andrew worked as a farm hand for Dr. Maney.[ii] The slave trade separated Andrew from his family. His wife and children were enslaved by the Jones family nearly eight miles away.[iii] Andrew was “allowed” to visit his wife and four children only on the weekends, often spending just one full day with his family.[iv]

Marriage license – Anthony Maney and Henrietta Jones, August 20, 1865

After the Civil War, there were very few records of Andrew Maney’s life. On August 20, 1865, Anthony Maney married Henrietta Jones.[v] Andrew Anthony and Henrietta Maney continued living in Murfreesboro and established their family together. The only other surviving record for Andrew is the 1870 census. The 1870 census shows that Andrew and Henrietta had eight children living in their household, though it is uncertain whether Andrew and Henrietta parented every child: Catherine, Joseph, John, Fred, Falid, Martha, Martha B., and Maty Maney.[vi] Andrew continued working as a farm laborer after the Civil War, though it is uncertain where he was employed.[vii] It is uncertain what happened to Andrew Maney after 1870.

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