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Wally Maney was born in approximately 1854 in Tennessee.[i] The 1870 census that lists Wally is in very poor condition; therefore, it is uncertain if Wally is the correct transcription of the name. (Researcher’s note: The transcription of the 1870 census assumes the name listed is “Mary.” However, it is the opinion of this researcher that “Mary” is an incorrect transcription as the individual is noted as a teenage male. Based on the observation of this researcher, “Wally” looks to be a more accurate transcription. It is feasible that neither assumption is correct due to the very poor condition of the original document.) It is unknown where Wally was enslaved prior to emancipation. David D. Maney is the only member of the Maney family to have enslaved a young boy the same age as Wally Maney.[ii] Therefore, it is most likely that Wally was enslaved on David Maney’s plantation prior to the Civil War. It also is feasible that Wally had been previously enslaved on the Maney’s plantation but was not enslaved by the Maneys during the Civil War.

Following the Civil War, Wally moved into a home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.[iii] Wally lived in a household with David, Lucy, and Wm Maney.[iv] Wally’s relationship to David, Lucy, and Wm is unknown. It is possible that Wally was either David or Lucy’s brother; however, this relationship is not verified in census records. Wally was unemployed in 1870 and did not work to help support his household.[v] There are no further known records for Wally Maney. It is unknown what happened to Wally following 1870.

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